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Three Basics For A Fruitful CEO And Board Seat Relationship

Three Basics For A Fruitful CEO And Board Seat Relationship

One of the “make or break” facets of nonprofit administration is having a CEO that is successful and seat relationship.

But, just how do we form such a stronger and effective relationship to guarantee success inside our company?

We have most admired and used the solid advice provided by certainly one of my mentors, Shelley Hoss, in my own nonprofit management experience.

Within the 21 years that Shelley Hoss has served as a chief professional in the nonprofit sector, she’s taught me personally that having an effective relationship with a board seat is amongst the best resources of joy, reward and accomplishment in nonprofit administration. This CEO and Chair relationship has been catalytic in growing OCCF to be the seventh most active grant-maker and in the top 10% in assets among more than 780 U.S. community foundations in her current role as President of the Orange County Community Foundation ( OCCF.

I’ve used her tips in my own administration and consulting experience and discovered them become a very good guide for either founding a board or transitioning leadership. The next three concepts will help you foster a CEO that is strong and relationship:

1. The CEO and Chair must have shared admiration and respect due to their relationship.