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The sensation of feminine ejaculation is the thing of debate in present years

The sensation of feminine ejaculation is the thing of debate in present years

Ejaculation, female

Female ejaculation refers to of a teaspoon (3 5 cc) of fluid expelled through the urethra that seems like watered‐down fat‐free milk, tastes sweet, and doesn’t smell like urine. Analysis of this fluid shows it is chemically not the same as urine. It often does occur with stimulation of this area called the G spot, and frequently does occur with orgasm.

The occurrence of feminine ejaculation happens to be the thing of debate in present years, though there are historic information that reveal its presence for longer than 2 chaturbate smoking cams,000 years. Female ejaculation refers to your expulsion of fluid through the urethra that is distinctive from urine. Some ladies eliminate a fluid from their urethra during intimate stimulation plus some eliminate the fluid at orgasm. A lot of women in past times reported having surgery to fix this “problem,” as well as others stated that they stopped experiencing orgasm. The fluid is referred to as appearing like watered‐down milk that is fat‐free tasting sweet, and often in regards to a teaspoon (3 5 cc) in amount.

Aristotle had been possibly the first to talk about feminine ejaculation, and Galen is thought to have understood about this in the 2nd century C.E. De Graaf, inside the New Treastise regarding the Generative Orgasm of females, in 1672 described the female prostate plus the fluid through the urethra in certain information.