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A Small Decorum Lesson: A Primer for its Well Intentioned Lesbian

A Small Decorum Lesson: A Primer for its Well Intentioned Lesbian

As a femme, I’m familiar with lesbians querying me with improper premise disguised as questions:

“Are your YES you’re a lesbian? “You’re bisexual aren’t an individual?” “I’ve never satisfied a lesbian that looks like you-Are you CERTAINLY you’re a lesbian?”

While I appreciate the company’s elevated eyebrows and admissions of shock, I got to imagining: wherein accomplish lesbians become for advice on how exactly to respond in social situations? That do we ask about a way to engage the lovable girl for the toilet series or how exactly to flirt at pleasure functions?

While Dr. Frankie really does a fantastic task with her Ask Dr. Frankie Training Video Program, not long ago i skilled two, in the same way awkward, societal lesbian connections that I’m certain a lot of femmes has experienced, consequently they are trying to find some significant lesbian etiquette guidelines.

Etiquette rule no. 1: It’s None of your respective company If I’m a girl to girl

The Situation: It’s an expensive show for a Gay & Lesbian production celebration and everyone is actually wearing his or her celebration most useful, using a pleasurable old time. Among the event volunteers captures my favorite perspective and now we beginning talking. Most people easily know we’ve fulfilled before (at a lesbian speed internet dating party) and we beginning mentioning motion pictures, parties, as well as carrying out all those conduct Dr. Frankie suggests all of us to: We all generate eye-to-eye contact, all of us look at each and every various other so we beginning small talk…..

When abruptly, the volunteer asks, “Are we gay?!” we improve my personal eyebrows and gape at the lady wordlessly. “Did a person honestly simply talk to me personally that?!” She smiles awkwardly…. “very well, *are* your?”

First off, it’s really zero of this lady organization just what our character happens to be.