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I do want to be a woman by Mafumafu (Eng Translyrics)

I do want to be a woman by Mafumafu (Eng Translyrics)

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Hey, would that be fine if I weren’t a man?

Just cuz being sweet noises good

While riding through a forest made from chocolate bark

Inside a pumpkin carriage concealed at nighttime

Say, “Hip, hip, hooray” – please take me personally away

Up To a milk castle that is colored in sorbet

You understand how everybody is sure to appreciate

That princess heroine whom ‘scapes through the spire

As soon as very very long, very long ago, hid deep during my aspirations

Had been glass slipper high heel shoes

Exactly What is certainly hidden, all of these key emotions

Nevertheless band true; guess I’ll give out now

Swish, having a spell cast on me

Please turn this me into who

I’ve always longed become

Oh, won’t you please!

Cuz whom must be since precious after all as her and her

And i recently wish to be as adorable – no, cuter! – all things considered

Put on a dress that is frilly feel all of that lace and fragrance

With only one spin, function as world’s one and only Cinderella!

Consume a breath, come one now, though just one single step for them

It’s a big difference to us, it is fine to be stumble, tremble-

Hey, would that be fine if we weren’t a man?

Just cuz being sounds that are cute

Ah, may I be simply adorable? May I?

Sometimes, these stories are merely talk of faded ambitions

Given that I’ve grown, my vocals continues to be high it appears

And although i actually do attempt to appear to be a man

Nowadays never seem simply exercise quite appropriate

Simply for today, I’ll chase a daydream a long way away

And perhaps find myself once more ‘side this maze

And perhaps, i do believe, though just a little

Personally I think like today i will alter

Heart is pounding, aching and my hands keep shaking

Oh, I’m yes sleep will be difficult to find