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The Smut Bucket. See, that is just just just what the software is good for.

The Smut Bucket. See, that is just just just what the software is good for.

The Smut Bucket

Welcome to the trash pit.

Recreational reader-insert smut predicated on Adam Driver figures. R18.

This will be a intercourse good and kink-shame space that is free.

Inbox always available for prompts and thots🔥

Master Post

Oh shit girrrrrrrrrrrrl is it a master post of most my grammatically incorrect p0rn that no one asked for?

Please be aware the name of my web log. This will be each smut, NSFW, R18 etc etc

Adam Sackler

Clyde Logan

Charlie Barber

Phillip Altman

Flip Zimmerman

  • Once Again
  • Morning after
  • 69
  • Counter
  • Hold on tight.
  • Oral
  • First “i love you”

han-not-solo asked:

We literally do not know the way I’m planning to cope whenever “Kitten” is finished. 😭 It’s like my delighted spot. Please simply keep composing it forever.

Oh my heartttttttttt !

This means so much, we just …… wjsjsjaonsjxodmwjxjx

When it is done i possibly could constantly do a little ‘slice of life’ oneshots in the event that you request them!

(we can’t let it go either, allows be truthful.)

candycanes19 asked:

We swear every chapter of “Kitten” is amazing. We will be unfortunate if it is over. Thank you for the enjoyable improvement. 🙂

Sip of Sunshine – Contesa_lui_Alucard – Logan Lucky (2017) Archive of y Our very Own

Chapters: 16/22 Fandom: Logan Lucky (2017) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Clyde Logan/Reader, Clyde Logan/You Characters: Clyde Logan, Jimmy Logan, Mellie Logan Overview: Drained from the life that is stressful nyc, you determine to open a little cafГ© in Boone County, western Virginia.