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‘Sugar dad’ web pages: naive love or providing prostitution?

‘Sugar dad’ web pages: naive love or providing prostitution?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A 24-year-old scholar, who really wants to generally be referred to as “Maria,” states she became a “sugar youngster” 36 months in the past because e-books and training had been too expensive.

“It’s been recently nothing but a confident practice for me personally,” she explained.

Maria is one of more than 20 million people who joined up with, in line with the site’s creator. The dating website pairs abundant more aged guys, also known as “sugar daddies,” with attractive young women, or “sugar babies,” who would like to staying ruined.

Maria has received a lot of money, as indicated by receipts given to FOX 46, alongside a notebook and a video video game process, only for hanging out with some older guys. She states love-making just a portion of the package.

“Sex never already been mentioned in any top interactions that I’ve received,” explained Maria. “This is probably an individual who’s taking care of you.”

For Maria, it is about finding an effective teacher.