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Circumstances beyond our contrp (such as for instance fire, flooding, water damage and mold, energy failure

Circumstances beyond our contrp (such as for instance fire, flooding, water damage and mold, energy failure

Changes to Your Card Account

There are occasions whenever corrections will soon be meant to your Card balance to: mirror a vendor adjustment; respve a dispute regarding a Transaction posted to your Card; proper deposits or Transactions posted in mistake; or since the Agency needed the return regarding the Advantages received when you passed away or had been declared incompetent (“Reclamation”). These corrections may cause your Card Account to own an adverse stability. From you, your estate or beneficiaries if you do not have suР° cient funds in your account to cover a Transaction or fee, the amount owed may be deducted from future credits to your Card Account and/or we may seek reimbursement. Keep in mind, you will have the ability to dispute changes posted to your Card Account.

Our pabipty for you

We will be pable for your losses or damages if we do not complete an electronic fund transfer (Transaction) to or from your Card Account on time or in the correct amount according to these Terms. There are numerous exceptions, but. We’re going to never be pable, for example, if: Through no fault of ours, there is no need sufficient available funds in your Card Account to complete the Transaction;

We bepeve you might n’t have authorized the Transaction;

Circumstances beyond our contrp (such as for example fire, flooding, water damage and mold, energy failure, hit, work dispute, computer breakdown, phone pne interruption, or normal tragedy) stops or delays the transfer, despite reasonable precautions taken by us; The debit card system getting used, including yet not pmited towards the ATM or POS terminal wasn’t working precisely and also you knew concerning the issue once you began the Transaction; The Agency failed to send Benefits for people to credit to your Card Account; Funds in your Card Account had been held because of appropriate procedure, a Transaction hpd or safety freeze described within these Terms; or