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Cisco Meraki Go System: An Easy Task To perhaps use, but Too Simplistic

Cisco Meraki Go System: An Easy Task To perhaps use, but Too Simplistic

eWEEK PRODUCT REVIEW / REVIEW: Meraki Go is really as close to plug-and-play networking as possible get, however in a search for ease, some crucial features are lacking.

The idea behind Cisco’s Meraki type of networking services and products would be to handle everything in the cloud. That line is composed of the Meraki line that is regular of that are just like other enterprise networking services and services and products, but cloud handled. One other line is Meraki Go, which can be designed to be properly used in small enterprises without any IT support where an employee that is non-technical create and handle the community. Cisco supplied an entire company setup of Meraki Go products for evaluation and in addition delivered along its brand new WiFi 6 access point.

A fundamental Meraki Go setup carries a router with included firewall, a switch plus one or maybe more access that is wireless. Keep in mind that the router isn’t a WiFi router like you’d see during the shop, but instead will depend on a split access point. You will find interior and WiFi that is outdoor access available. Meraki Go has many different switch kinds available with 8, 24 and 48 ports and optional energy over Ethernet.

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The tested units included an 8-port PoE switch, an inside as well as A wifi that is outdoor access therefore the Meraki Go safety Gateway, which can be whatever they call the router. Each product comes filled with a pictorial installation guide that’s most likely not necessary, except to understand which components to utilize if you’re wall surface mounting among the devices.

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Meraki Go: Real Plug-and-Play

To set everything up, you just plug an Ethernet cable from the change to each unit.