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5 Factors why Reverse Cowgirl may be the sex that is worst place

5 Factors why Reverse Cowgirl may be the sex that is worst place

We dare one to alter my head

The other evening, my boyfriend and I also were in the center of a sex sesh that is passionate. He had been plowing me from behind, and everything ended up being going swimmingly. That’s until he pulled out making a idea that made me cringe.

“How about we try reverse cowgirl?”

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I enjoy a beneficial fashion cowgirl position that is old. Riding a cock that way is *chef’s kiss* a complete pleasure.

However in reverse? Boy, please. Merely a satanic creature could include this place to his guide of bed room repertoire.

Listen, fellas, i am aware the appeal. Most likely, you are free to recline and allow some magic that is slippery around your penis. And undoubtedly, you’ve got a front-row solution with a magnificent view of long locks and jiggly booties.

Nonetheless it’s obvious that this position ended up being created by men — for males.

Because if you’re a lady, reverse cowgirl could be the worst sex place worldwide.

1. It is not practical

Exactly What do i really do with my feet? Do we hold on your ankles for help? Do I grind on your own cock or simply just bob up and down just like a duck? Is it like twerking? I simply have actually plenty questions regarding exactly how cowgirl that is reverse designed to work.

Whoever has been regarding the receiving end of the place understands that it is more difficult than re re solving an SAT mathematics equation.

If I’m usually the one pumping, I quickly need certainly to keep one thing. During normal cowgirl, i will grab your arms or the bedframe, however in reverse, there’s nothing.

Which means i must count on the effectiveness of my feet, that leads us to your next point…

2. It’s exhausting

Holy shit — reverse cowgirl is like, the absolute most painful exercise you will ever have. It is as though squats, crunches, and left lifts joined up with forces to generate the absolute most extreme workout known to guy.